How we've helped our customers

Web Design

Dalry Country House B&B

Built Using
Omnichannel Starter Plan
Search Engine Optimised
A hidden gem no longer hidden.
Custom Graphics
Significant image manipulation and custom graphics make the site "pop", grabbing attention and providing a professional face to the business.
Web Design - Dalry Country House B&B
Example Website Design

Gecko Broadband

A brand with no prior market exposure, no fonts, no colours, no logo, no persona. This was a project from which we were able to start with a blank canvas and build from the ground up.

Built Using
Omnichannel E-Commerce Starter Plan
Web Store
Cart, Checkout, Discount Codes, and Online payment
Online Presence
Facebook Page Store Integration and Google Listing


Communicate previously had an aged Word Press site

Built Using
Omnichannel E-Commerce Plan
E-Commerce functionality turned off to act as catalogue site, but still present and ready to easily turn-on for future development.
Custom Graphics
Significant image manipulation and custom graphics make the site "pop", grabbing attention and providing a professional face to the business.
Web Design - Communicate RT Radios Hawke's Bay
Web Design - Hawke's Bay Speedway Club Inc

Hawke's Bay Speedway Club

HB Speedway Club used an old blog site extensively to keep their members up to date with events and happenings.

Built Using
Omnichannel Small-Medium Business Plan
Built and ready for the club to update and edit the content themselves though an easy editor.
Unique Design
Something unique with a vertical navigation, pulling the attention to the content which also acts as navigation.

The Nerds

Need a Nerd had some trouble with the accessibility and functionality of their existing site and needed something at short notice. A quick brochure site for customers to make contact, submit their details, and landing pages for measurement of numerous marketing campaigns.

Built Using
Omnichannel SME Plan
Landing Pages
Custom landing pages built for marketing campaigns
Online Presence
Facebook Page Store Integration and Google Listing
Web Design - Need a Nerd
Web Design - Hibiscus Engineering Supplies

Hibiscus Engineering Supplies

Amidst the pandemic in 2020, Hibiscus Engineering Supplies required an online presence to capture otherwise lost business that were heading to their competitors.

Built Using
Omnichannel Business Starter Plan
Brochure Site
Who we are, what we do, how to contact us, hero product showcase, and brief product gallery.
Emphasis on SEO to capture key words to improve search results and google ranking.

Print & Digital Graphic Design

PRINT & Digital Design

Collateral & Online Campaign

We handle anything you can see or touch. Business Cards, Sales Proposal Templates, Authorisation Forms, Branded Stationary & promotional items. You dream it, we design it.

On Brand
Your existing branding, or refreshed for something new.
It's your brand, nothing gets released until you're happy.
Audience Specific
One size doesn't fit all. We can help refine and design around your demographics for maximum impact.

Business Analysis

Business Analysis and Process Design
Process analysis & design

Service Delivery

Our client's staff knew exactly how to perform the role, but not why with the famous "because it's how we've always done it". This led to resource inefficiencies, deteriorated stakeholder communication, lack-luster customer experience, and avoidable delays in customer onboarding.

Improved Throughput
Decreased handling time by 40%.
New systems adopted, existing developed, or thrown out.
Voices were heard
Needless customer interaction and frustration decreased.

Customer Experience

Customer Experience Contact Centre old switchboard
Balance of automation & human

If you're not in Service,
you're out of business.

Our client's customers often complained of long wait times, long talk times, and a general lack of engagement and empathy from first-contact staff resulting in customer dissatisfaction and loss of repeat business.

Remove Barriers
We took a deep dive into the staff to find out what makes them tick, discovered and addressed their frustrations, and implemented KPI targetting & incentives.
System Enhancements
Integration with the customers CRM meant customers could be identified before their interaction was even answered by an agent - increasing efficiency and adding a personal touch to the experience.
Customer Satisfaction
Implementation and measurement of customer satisfaction surveys provided ongoing measurement and monitoring so issues could be identified before becoming problems.

Product & Service Design

Product and Service Design
customer driven product design

What can we make?
What can we do?

There's at least one product or service in your business where you're giving away too much, too little, or it doesn't meet the expectations of your customers. Refreshing your Products & Services enables you to identify opportunity, increase consumer demand, and realise new income streams.

Identify The Right Product
Key to the success of any product or service is listening your customers. You don't want to have the best product that nobody asked for.
Design, Build, and User Testing
Development, Process, Systems, and automation where possible.
Launch, Refine, Reiterate
Listening, obtaining feedback, and constant tweaking are essential parts of the Product and Service Design life cycle.


Internet Marketing
the digital age


Being online sounds simple, doesn't it? But the truth is there are many elements that all need to work together in harmony to become effective.

Make it Pop
Digital Media is your public brand awareness forum.
Your business needs to look professional in both image and language. One digital media channel may capture the lead but the transaction may take place elsewhere, thus synergy and consistent branding is key.
Social Media isn't just about selling your services. It's creating engaging content and driving interaction with new and existing customers. It also helps to understand where your leads are coming from so you can cull the weak, and focus budget on the strong.
Open new channels of communication
Customers are spoiled for choice. They expect to communicate on their terms via their choice of medium for instant gratification. Increase your conversion rate by increasing the ways a potential customer can reach your business.
Google Analytics - Website Performance
measurement & insight


Our client had us build a new site and wanted to measure it's performance, engagement, understand what most interested (and disinterested) visitors, and identify areas for improvement.

Can be applied to any website, old or new.
Demographics & Interests
Identify what types of customers your content is attracting, and use this data in sales campaigns targeting acquisition.
Analyse bounce rates, identify poor quality content and SEO, tweak, refine, and capitalise on opportunity with integration with Google Ads.
Electronic Mailer Newsletter - Mailchimp

Mail List & Campaign Management

Our clients often need a way to capture email addresses of prospective and existing customers, and market to them.

Implement capture methods across Website, Sign-Up Process, Email, and Paper interactions to maximise and grow the audience.
Privacy Act 2020 Compliant
Compulsory methods of obtaining consent and informing of data collection, usage, and breach protocol.
Shout it
Regular fortnightly emails send to the audience with fresh new content and offers, including analysis, measurement, and identification of disengaged subscribers.