Remote Support

This tool provides Omnichannel support personnel with one-off access to your device.

By using this tool you agree to our privacy policy and terms and conditions.

Installation Instructions

1.      Save the file to your Desktop or Downloads folder.

We use an unsigned installer, this means your download may be blocked by your browser. If presented with a warning, select "Keep" or "Download anyway".

2.      Click to run the installer

Again, because of the unsigned installer, you will need to select "More info" followed by "Run anyway".

3.      Click 'Yes' to the UAC prompt

Lastly, click "Yes" to allow the remote support agent to run.

4.      Click "Connect"

You're connected! Our support team should now have temporary access to your device. You can disconnect the connection at any time by selecting "Disconnect". If you need to use one-off support again in the future, you will need to return to this page and download the installer again.