Omnichannel Communication

Tools to increase customer experience and productivity.
SMS Text Messaging

Be not just responsive, but proactive in anticipating customer needs and empower your teams to collaborate, use initiative, and provide a great experience.

capture the immediate attention of your customers

SMS Communication

Cashflow Management
Send payment reminders to your customers prior, on, or after the due date.
Service Delivery Communication
Keep customers informed with the delivery of their services, confirm their appointments, or send adhoc customised messages.
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SMS Payment Reminders
exchange and microsoft 365 partners

E-mail and Collaboration

Hosted Email & Desktop Apps
Let us manage your Email and Microsoft 365 products in partnership to drive faster adoption and streamline operations.
Video, Chat, and Audio
Microsoft Teams is included in your subscription. Setup correctly, this can be an invaluable tool to your business in enabling internal and external communication efficiencies.
Cloud Document Storage & Sharing
Store, Share, and Collaborate in real time with OneDrive included in your subscription.
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M365 Office 365 Email and Collaboration Suite
use our team of artists for digital or print

Business Fibre + Cloud PBX

Made for Business
Our Fibre includes an enhanced fault restoration SLA, and optional dual-WAN resiliency to keep your business online.
Cloud Telephony
A low-cost and reliable cloud telephone system built for SME. Give your customers a great experience when contacting your business with professional call routing and high definition audio.
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Business Phone System
keep your teams and customers informed

Status Page

Monitor Mission-Critical Services
Monitor services on customisable intervals on these supported protocols: HTTP(s), TCP Port, Ping, HTTP(s) Keyword, DNS, Push, MQTT.
Publish Internally or to Customers
Hosted wherever you see fit, published to your internal teams or on a public domain.
Get Alerted
Receive a notification across a myriad of supported apps including Webhooks, Teams, Telegram, Slack, Email, Discord and more.
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Status Page up-time monitoring dashboard
give your customers immediate attention, and get immediate results

Live Chat

Live Chat
Customised branded, and embedded on your site, or linked direct from email signatures, electronic mailers, or even give team members their own private chat link.
Pre Chat
Ask for details like Account Numbers so your teams can bring up the customer file without having to ask.
Knowledge Base
Hand-in-hand with talking with your clients, your Support and Sales teams can write articles to answer the most frequently asked questions, giving customers exactly what they need, without the wait.
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Live chat pre-chat qualification capturing customer information

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